Becoming Inclusive

A Worthy Pursuit in Leadership
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June 4th, 2021 Book Launch
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Becoming Inclusive: A Worthy Pursuit in Leadership

Coming Tuesday, May 25th 2021 from Information Age Publishing

To disrupt current polarization and tribalism, and meet the growing demands of globalization, organizations and communities must evolve. Such profound transformation begins with developing leaders who are prepared to create inclusion in boardrooms, classrooms, hospitals, communities, and beyond.

Through the lens of her own story of immigrating from Iran to the United States and her experience leading diversity programs in health care and education, Dr. Helen Fagan presents a challenging discussion of the research along with a frank, intimate look at the very hard work leaders must do at an individual level to overcome personal obstacles to inclusion.This is not the quick fix or ten-step program to inclusion. The book presents the challenge and the opportunity of peeling back layers of personal assumptions, and the dramatic changes that work can lead to over time.

Becoming Inclusive reveals the systemic problems of organizational bias and prejudice and shows university students, instructors, organizational and government leaders a path forward. This work seeks to fill the gap in the management, leadership and diversity field of work that focuses on the need to transform the mindsets of individual leaders from tribal to global, in order to address the big issues facing humanity.

This book can be used by leaders at all levels—from corporations, schools and hospitals to neighborhood clubs, associations and even family groups—to examine their personal obstacles to inclusion. It is suitable for both undergraduate and graduate courses in the fields of management, leadership and diversity.

The right book for the right time

“Dr. Fagan’s heart-felt take on immigration, diversity and inclusion is simply the right book at the right time in our country and the world. Drawing from her own experience as an Iranian immigrant as a child to become a successful leadership and diversity professor and consultant in the U.S. gives her journey and voice considerable credibility and insight. Written in a very interesting, but academically sound, manner, her wonderful Iranian father, as well as this former professor of hers, is indeed proud of what she has intended to accomplish—see and transform yourself and then have the understanding, confidence and tools to transform your workplace, school and community.”

Dr. Fred Luthans
University of Nebraska Distinguished Professor, Emeritus,
Former President and Lifetime Achievement Award of the Academy of Management,
Top 1% Citations of world’s research professors

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