Offering Hope to Leaders

Hope-for-Helen-300x300If you’ve been in leadership for any length of time, you have discovered that creating an inclusive environment and organizational effectiveness can seem like a couple headed for ‘divorce court’ instead of a ‘they all lived happily ever after’ story. 

The success of any organization’s attempts to build bridges between diversities depends on the involvement of top management and board members. As a team, they will want to evaluate the motivation of the organization. Readiness for training depends on the answers to the question: Why is this important? An honest answer to this question will let you gauge your readiness for diversity training.

A) Is this important because there’s a pending lawsuit?

B) Is this important because it’s the politically correct thing to do?

C) Is this important because you notice your clients and employees are growing in diversity but then so is the tension within the organization?

If the answer to the question is “C,” then your organization is primed for the kind of cultural navigation and training I can provide.  I offer assessment of leadership and cultural competence and diversity, one on one leadership training, training of departments or units, and organizational or program analysis.

When individuals grow in their appreciation and understanding of diversity, the organization changes shape and course.  Individual transformation always precedes organizational transformation.

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Need help in the area of diversity and cultural sensitivity? We can conduct individual and group assessments, and provide plans and coaching designed to move you towards your goals.