Learn At Your Own Pace!

Your becoming inclusive journey at your pace. Members receive monthly guidebooks (digital or print) and have access to resources and additional training opportunities throughout the year.

The Benefits:

Embrace Diversity

Embrace diversity and foster a culture of inclusivity with our revolutionary platform. Unlock the power of diversity within your organization as we provide expert guidance, workshops, and tools to create an inclusive environment where every voice is valued and heard.

A More Equitable Future

Join the movement towards a more equitable future with Become Inclusive Membership. Our transformative program empowers leaders and teams to dismantle barriers and biases, promoting an environment that celebrates differences and enhances collaboration for increased productivity and success.

Discover the True Potential of Inclusivity

Discover the true potential of inclusivity with Become Inclusive Membership. By offering comprehensive resources, interactive training, and ongoing support, we equip businesses with the tools needed to attract and retain a diverse talent pool, leading to a stronger, more innovative workforce.

Elevate Your Organization's Impact

Elevate your organization’s impact with Become Inclusive Membership. Our platform’s curated content and expert insights enable leaders to champion inclusivity at all levels, promoting a workplace culture where individuals feel valued, engaged, and motivated to achieve their fullest potential.

Create Greater Sustainability

Become Inclusive Membership: Your path to building a more inclusive future starts here. Unleash the strength of diversity and create a sustainable, forward-thinking organization that reflects the world’s richness and embraces the strengths of each unique individual.

Additional Products, Resources & Services

Group and Team Workshops

Start the critical conversations around creating an inclusive team with a workshop. These interactive experiences can kick-start your organization’s efforts toward becoming inclusive.

Train the Trainer

Are you a Chief Diversity Officer or in another role that puts you at the forefront of helping others develop an inclusive mindset? We provide training to help you effectively guide others in your organization toward inclusion.

Individual and Team Development

We offer ongoing development for individuals and teams ready to engage in the becoming inclusive process. We can create a development plan that fits your goals.

Becoming Inclusive Executive Coaching

Organizational transformation is always preceded by individual transformation, and that begins at the top. We are passionate about investing in leaders and understand the challenges that weigh on those building organizations that effectively leverage human differences, to create innovative solutions, and thrive in the global economy.

Speaking Services

Dr. Helen Fagan has delivered keynote addresses and seminar speeches on leveraging human differences to create inclusion, developing inclusive leadership mindset, emotional intelligence, and healthcare Intercultural competence to thousands of leaders around the world.

Intercultural Development Assessments

Access the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) to help assess how you give meaning to differences encountered, personally and professionally, and we provide you a personalized plan for ongoing development. A meeting with your personal transformation guide is included.