Our vision is to change the world one inclusive leader at a time.

Interacting among cultures isn’t as easy as one may think. It calls for a complete change in your mindset, a change to be more open to understanding and accepting of people who bring to the table a different orientation and view of life. Helen Fagan has lived in the world of intercultural interaction and as I’ve gotten to know her, she’s helped me as I have worked with people from other parts of the world in my business and as one of the curators of a local TED event interacting with hundreds of curators throughout the world. In addition, I’ve gotten to know Helen on a personal level and find her to be a wonderful person with high integrity, well respected by those around her.

Dr. Randall Bretz

Business Development, Easy Transfer Limited of Beijing

I am the pastor of a multicultural congregation, and I met Helen through a church member who had participated in a workshop Helen led on cultural diversity. That was some three to four years ago. Since that time, Helen has come to our church and worked with us on more than a few occasions helping us deal with the challenging matter of diversity. Helen is a great facilitator with a broad range of diversity experiences. There is not a better person more aptly prepared and ready to help people push through to the other side of diversity issues that often get people stuck than Helen Fagan.

Harry Riggs

Pastor, First Baptist Church, Lincoln NE

Diversity Matters

To be mature fully in cultural sensitivity and competence is to go beyond this foundational level of recognizing differences and similarities and to progress toward the ability to accept and honor the culture of others.

Developing Cultural Sensitivity

Why is it that a person with 15 years of cross-cultural experience can be so much more culturally sensitive than another person with the same amount of experience?

Offering Hope to Leaders

When individuals grow in their appreciation and understanding of diversity, the organization changes shape and course.  Individual transformation always precedes organizational transformation.

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